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The Real World

trade show booth graphics  - motion graphics  -  storyboard development  -  set design  -  educational  -  promotional materials  -  business proposals rfp

We build things too! From set designs to trade show booth graphics, hard copy proposals, and multimedia presentations, Piazza LA will send your message into the world with excitement, precision, and clarity. We also build Social Communities. 

Socially Provocative

blog design  - membership networks  -  classified advertising sites  -  micro sites  -  social site integration  -  content creation 

Your social media quest begins with the organic linking of your web site, print & online advertising, and brand identity. By keeping this ecosystem of potential interaction lively and ever-changing, you'll grow a new audience while keeping your current users engaged.

Whether you offer a product or service, your objective is the same: create a long term relationship with your customer. Find out not only what they (say) they need, but how they interact with your product after purchase, how your service is impacting their business strategy, how your business can continue to interact with them after the initial contact. Create an organic path from pre-sale to satisfied customer referrals.

Social media alone will not grow your website! A twitter feed on you main page can end up degrading the message of your site, especially if it's not consistently maintained. Unless you have a committed voice behind your twitter account, you can end up doing more harm than good. There are many instances of  the "wrong thing" being carelessly tweeted, and the follow up media storms and apologies are well documented.

Used correctly, the social media avenues can offer you feedback into your customers needs and wants, as well as bringing new followers onboard. As a business you are not looking for "friends," you're looking to grow your customer base. Social media is a serious advertising strategy, and should be treated as such.

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